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Louise Diehl

Nursesaregreat.com was created as part of meeting a professional goal I had for a long time. I created nursesaregreat.com to support nurses, to promote my own consulting business, and private practice.

I have over 30 years of nursing experience, including critical care experience and advanced nursing practice.   I have experience in education, management, staff development, and advanced practice as a clinical nurse specialist and nurse practitioner.  I have published many articles and have contributed to the publication of many other works in nursing.  I also work as a free-lance reviewer.  I am master’s prepared with a post master’s certificate in nursing administration and as an adult nurse practitioner.  I also have a doctorate degree in naturopathy and health and wellness.  I am certified as an advanced practice as a clinical nurse specialist and an adult nurse practitioner.  I am a CPR instructor and teach BLS courses.  I have my own consulting business which includes teaching courses in the community and health care related businesses and other nursing consultant projects.  I have combined the consulting portion of my career with my own private practice.

I have always had a dream of owning my own practice. This dream came true when I opened up my private practice in Phillipsburg, New Jersey in February 2006. As a nurse practitioner I can provide the same quality medical care as the other physician health care providers in the area.

My practice is focused on adult health. It includes the care of sick patients, well check-ups/physicals, vaccinations, urine drug testing, DNA paternity collection, DOT physicals, and CPR instructional and consulting. All of the same services you would receive at a primary care physician’s office.

My practice blends holistic and naturalist concepts with traditional medicine. My patients love the individualized and complete care they receive when they come to my office. They are also very surprised as to how the quality of their life can be enhanced by the care they receive in my office.

I was born in Pennsylvania and have lived in Pennsylvania all of my life. I enjoy being in the outdoors and experiencing nature and its serenity. I collect frogs and enjoy reading nursing and medical related literature of all sorts.

I spend most of my free time on advancing my nursing and medical knowledge base and practice.

I am very pro nursing and pro advanced practice nursing. I encourage all nurses to also be assertive with their own nursing careers and to promote nursing in every aspect of their life. I believe that all nurses should work towards furthering their knowledge base regarding nursing, whether it is by attaining advanced degrees, achieving certifications, and/or attending or completing continuing education programs. I believe that this is extremely important in order to have a successful career in nursing and to deliver the best care possible to our patients and clients. The care we provide should be evidence based and at the cutting edge of the newest guidelines and technology. Therefore, to accomplish this, we must be proactive in keeping current with nursing and medical concepts and technology.

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Louise Diehl, RN, MSN, ND, ACNS-BC, NP-C
Nurse Practitioner - Owner
Doctor of Naturopathy
Lehigh Valley Wellness Center lvwellnesscenter@verizon.net