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Nursesaregreat.com is a website dedicated to promoting nursing. It was developed by an advanced practice nurse for nurses in any and every specialty or practice area. Whether you are a nurse with many years of experience or a student nurse you will enjoy the website. It is a website that you can read interesting articles published by fellow nurses, publish your own article, check out a helpful link or hint to help you with your nursing practice, or contact the editor with a nursing question. You can also contact the editor with a nursing dilemma, get career advice or receive encouragement if you have had a very troublesome shift.

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Nurses need to support each other. This website is designed to support nurses emotionally, psychologically, intellectually, and spiritually. Many nurses don't know how to support each other, or don't take the time and effort required to support their fellow co-workers. Nursesaregreat.com encourages nurses to read and publish articles relevant to nursing practice. Nursesaregreat.com strongly believes that nurses should be avid readers of nursing literature including books, journals, websites, and other related literature. This is how we grow and develop our practice and it is how we will become recognized leaders in our field. Just remember you don't have to be a nurse manager to be a recognized leader in nursing.

All of us nurses have had experiences where we just thought we have had the worst day, the worst shift, the worst experience, and we didn't know if we wanted to continue to be a nurse or if we could ever work another shift. We examine what transpired during the shift over and over in our minds and wonder if we could have done something different or said something different. Would the outcome have been any different, if we did something else or said something different? We Nurses are many times our own worse enemies and we can often turn a situation into a spiraling cycle of negativity that consumes us and becomes contagious. Don't get caught up in this spiral. Find a constructive outlet to diffuse your negative feelings and anger.

We must always try to find that positive thread and "hang on to it". Keeping a positive outlook will help keep you in the nursing profession and make you feel happy that you are a nurse. We must support each other and help each other. If you don't know how to support another nurse or co-worker, there are many resources available to guide you through this process. You must also remember to take time in your day to Pray, this will strengthen you in every way.

We as nurses often forget the good days and forget the shifts where we did a tremendous job, supported another co-worker, encouraged a patient who felt there was no hope, and comforted the significant other of a dying patient. Take time to reminisce. Look at the good in your life, in your career, in your family and friends, and in yourself. You will be a better person. Do something for yourself to decrease the stress and negativity in your life. Nurses often neglect their own needs because we care so much for the ones we take care of at home and at work. There are many ways to decrease the stressors in your life.

Take some time to search the website, I hope you will find some peace for the moments that you are searching the site.

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